A New Year Begins

It’s a brand new year. Happy New Year!

You know how we all get so determined at the first of the year? We have all these big plans for self-improvement. We have goals that are going to lead us to be better people; the people we want to be. 

But then our excitement fades. Somehow we get bogged down again by general life. We forget all that we planned to do and usually by February we are back exactly where we were before. 

So instead why don’t we bring in every new month like we do the new year?

I challenge you to celebrate every new month and restate your goals and plans; or maybe even improve them as the year progresses. 

So on February 1, March 1, April 1….I expect to hear you all saying “Happy New Month” and keep marching forward with your personal goals-whatever they may be. 

2017 is going to be a great new year!! Let’s make it count. 

God’s Promises

If you listen to God’s voice He will bless you. He will bless you with rich blessings. He will bless everything you do. You will be blessed so much you will have no need to borrow. Enter into a covenant with God today so you can be His people that He can be your God… Continue Reading

Intentional Living

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Stand Behind God

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God’s Voice

This is the day that I, the Lord, made. This is not your creation. Wake up and praise your Creator. Praise Me for your blessings. Trust Me to handle what you cannot control. When you feel you cannot manage your situation any longer then try something new-give it to Me. I am waiting for you to… Continue Reading

Dear Past Me

Dear Past Me, I’m sorry I made so many mistakes. At times I believe without them I would be a different person. But other times I believe with them I am exactly who I am supposed to be. Me—with all my faults, inconsistencies, annoying ways, inability to cope with stress & worries—just me. I find… Continue Reading

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

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I write because…

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The Benefits of Journaling

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Abandonment, Broken Series Book 1

My book is now out! At some point we have all felt the pain of abandonment. We can feel abandonment by almost anyone, but the abandonment from those we love is the hardest. An absent parent is abandonment that causes us overwhelming grief from childhood. This particular type of abandonment leaves us brokenhearted and changes us forever.… Continue Reading